Breaking the Pattern – Sade Blouse

The Sade Blouse is the second pattern in the Breaking the Pattern book by Named.

Named Patterns Sade Blouse

The pattern

The pattern comes in 2 versions, on the one hand the blouse with long sleeves, with ribbon in the hem and the sleeve cuffs, and on the other hand a tunic version with a closed back and 3/4 sleeves.

Changes made

When I was researching what I wanted to do with this blouse, I found these versions by Sylvia from The Ravel Out and Michelle from Stitchin Camaro:

View this post on Instagram

As you can see, both Sylvia and Michelle left out the ribbon in the hem, which in my opinion gives the blouse a very summery vibe. I’m not a big fan of how a bunched up hem looks on me anyway, so the first thing that I decided for my version, was to skip the ribbon in the hem.

I also added 8 cm of length to the blouse because the cropped length isn’t really a great look for me either…

Named Patterns Sade Blouse

The third change I made to the pattern, is that I omitted the ribbon in the sleeves as well. I work from home (even before March 2020) and so I don’t really have seperate office clothes, and having to deal with the ribbons when cooking or eating, just seemed like a lot of hassle that I wanted to avoid.
Now, I also don’t like the feel of elastic in the cuffs of sleeves, so instead I cut a length of ribbon to sit comfortably around my wrist, in my case 22cm, and I inserted that in the channel for the ribbon, stitched it down at the ends and then handstitched the cuff of the sleeves closed. I didn’t particularly liked the look of that, so I added a tiny button.

Pattern tracing and fabric

In the Named Breaking the Pattern book I am a size 4, so that is the size I made.

I was a bit confused at first about which line exactly is which size, so I really had to kind of look at the side seams to determine which line to trace. Unless I am severely mistaken, the sizes are not marked anywhere on the pattern sheets, which in my opinion is very inconvenient. (Up until now, I have made 4 patterns from this book, and I still haven’t found which line represents which size… )

Finally, I traced and marked on my fabric the centre back line and I added the point at the sleeves where the 2 pieces overlap, because I wanted to stitch these down a bit so the back doesn’t go flying open and the split in the sleeves is not that extreme as in the original pattern.

Named Patterns Sade Blouse

My fabric is a delicious linen double gauze fabric that I bought during my visit to my family last September in De Stoffenkamer in Ghent. I got the fabric in this tomato-y colour and in yellow/mustard. The last time I checked, this fabric is still available, in quite a few different colours.


Construction for this blouse is pretty straightforward. The only thing is that there are SO MANY ROLLED HEMS! So that takes a while. But all in all, this is not the most complicated make.

I finished the neckline with some gorgeous Rifle Paper Co viscose that I had left over and of which I made a few metres of bias-binding. The brag-tag went in the rolled hem of the back.

Like I said before, I stitched the opening of the back closed at about the halfway point, for this I used a zigzag with the feed dogs down, like you would use when attaching a button by machine.


This top turned out really so much better than I first thought it would. The red was a bit of a gamble for me, as I don’t usually wear this colour, but in the end, I really love how it looks.

Named Patterns Sade Blouse

This top will definitely be worn quite often!

Other Sade Blouses can be found on Instagram with #sadeblouse.


PatternBreaking the Pattern – Sade Blouse
FabricLinen Double Gauze, from
Notions2 tiny buttons, from my stash
Rifle Paper Co bias tape, from my stash
45cm of yellow cotton twill tape, from my stash

Next up in the book are the Rae Pants, a statement piece to say the least!

My other makes from the Breaking The Pattern book can be found here.

2 Thoughts

  1. Just in case anyone out there is having the same issue – it also took me AGES to figure out how the sizes correspond to the patterns for the “Breaking the Pattern” book. Take a look at the envelope at the back of the book that the patterns are stored in – it shows what line pattern corresponds to what size. 🤯 Not sure why they made that so hard to find. Happy sewing!


    1. Thank you so much for that information! I had never seen this before!!! It would have been more logical to include the line patterns somewhere in the book, no? HAppy sewing!!!


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