Friday Pattern Company – Adrienne Blouse (cuff hack)

I loved my previous Adrienne Blouse so much, that I decided to make another one, with a small hack. I changed the elastic in the sleeves to a long cuff.

Cuff hack

The measurements for the cuffs are (1,5cm seam allowance included in both height and width):

35cm high (this is double the length of the final cuff) -final measurement: 16 cm high
23 cm wide – final measurement: 20 cm wide

The sleeve is too wide to just ease in the cuff, so you have to gather it first. You can use your favourite method; 2 or 3 rows of gathering stitches, floss thread or elastic.

I have been experimenting with more neutral thread colours, to reduce all the different colours that I have in my stash, and this beige fabric was stitched with G├╝tterman colour 165, a powdery pink, that blends in perfectly! My other neutral colours are black, white, forest green, deep raspberry pink/purple, different shades of grey and off-white. I can sew and topstitch almost anything with these colours.

Construction, previous adjustments and fabric

In my previous version I double-layered the neckbands for extra stability and strength, in this version I used only one layer of fabric for the neckbands. We’ll see if it holds up… I try to avoid hooking my sunglasses on my shirt, since I have destroyed more than one neckband like that…

Like my previous version, I added 5 cm to the length of the bodice. I used swimwear elastic in both version, since I have a lot in my stash and the instructions suggest using this type of elastic because it’s more durable.

The fabric for this version is the organic wicker knit from and as you can see, it has the most perfect drape for the sleeves of the Adrienne Blouse.

Because the front and back piece are the same, I sew a label in the back, just to make sure that I always wear the shirt the same way…

Seam finishes on this blouse are minimal, just 2 rows of elastic stitches and excess seam allowance cut away. On hem and neckband, seam allowance is stitched down with a zigzag and the excess cut away. If I can avoid using my serger, I will…


I like this second version maybe even more than the first, and no doubt there will be more versions in the future!


PatternFriday Pattern Company Adrienne Blouse Organic Wicker Knit in sand
Notionsswimwear elastic

The Instagram # for the pattern is #Adrienneblouse

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