Breaking the Pattern – Rae Pants

I make it no secret that I am a big fan of Named Patterns. Their designs often give a very simple first impression, but taking a second look, you can see a lot of well thought out details that give their garments that little bit extra.
For me, the fit is usually spot on in a straight size, that is always a plus…

The project

This is the third project from the Breaking the Pattern book, and I have to admit that I just don’t get this pattern. It is my least favourite from the line-up and to be honest, I really didn’t want to make this pattern and it caused a serious loss of sewjo. Throughout the book there are a lot of splits, but these in the front of the trousers, I just don’t get. They don’t make sense to me at all… I also browsed through the hashtag on Instagram, and all the other versions that have the split in the seam just don’t excite me…


I made the straight size 4, in a dubious fabric from my local weekly market. I specifically bought this fabric so I wouldn’t waste a precious fabric on these trousers without trying them first. I was hoping against hope that I would like them once I finished this trial version.

I made no alterations or hacks to this pattern.

The pocket pattern piece is piece 6J of the Solina Dress, which comes further along in the book. This is a bit confusing but printing the same pattern piece more than once makes absolutely no sense, so once you find the pattern piece, you can use it for various projects (I don’t copy the patterns from the pattern sheets, but I use the download link in the book, and have them printed at A0).

The pocket instructions made absolutely no sense to me, I found them to be really confusing, especially for beginners. I ignored the instructions and sewed the pocket pieces to the pant legs and then finished the side seams towards the front of the trousers. I then added a bartack to make sure that the seam would stay toward the front.

Other than that, the instructions are pretty straightforward and I had no problem putting the Rae Pants together.


This project will go in the discard box, as they really just aren’t my style. I doubt I will be making these again…


PatternBreaking the Pattern – Rae Pants
FabricMustard polyester (?) from my local weekly market.
NotionsElastic for the waist

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