Breaking the Pattern – Utu Skirt

I made this skirt back in March, but it has been sitting on it’s hanger waiting for the haberdasheries to open again to buy some buttons and then after it was waiting to get photographed…

The project

The Utu from Breaking the Pattern comes in 2 versions in the book, the skirt version and a pinnafore version. I chose to make the skirt but used the pinnafore length.

The fabric for this skirt was gifted to me by my good friend Maider, back in December when we had our sewists weekend in Santander…

First of all, I really like this skirt. I love how it turned out, and I will definitely be wearing this coming winter. The only thing left is make some wintery tops to go with this skirt…


I made a straight size 4 for this skirt and the fit is great. The instructions for sewing the Utu are straightforward and clear, and I encountered no problems.

Changes made

I changed the length of the skirt to that of the pinnafore, which hits a little higher and I changed the width of the loop and tie for the D-rings so I could use the hardware I already had in my stash.

I also added some buttons to the front so the skirt would gape and become unwearable.


All in all, I really like this skirt, I think it looks great when standing up, but as soon as I sit down, this skirt slides straight into indecent territory… I added some buttons along the front opening and it’s wearable now.

If I were to make another version of this skirt, which I might, I would definitely change the left front piece (the one that is hidden behind the right front piece) to be -much- wider, probably drawing it to end almost at the side seam.

In this picture you can clearly see how much the front opens…

The biggest asset of this skirt is without a doubt the fabric. A jacquard woven fabric with gold details, that came from Zalez Shop. I have a little bit left which will definitely get used for some small project!


PatternBreaking the Pattern – Utu Skirt
FabricJacquard fabric from zalezshop, gifted to me by my friend Maider
Notions2 D-rings
sew in buttons to keep the front closed

Other great versions of the Utu skirt can be found on Instagram with #utuskirt

Thanks for stopping by!

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