La Maison Victor – Swing Dress

To me, there is nothing more irresistible than a playful dress. Make that a yellow, playful dress, and it’s pure gold! So you can imagine how I feel about the Swing Dress by La Maison Victor I made last summer…

The pattern is from the March/April 2016 edition, unfortunately it’s not available as a pdf-pattern… I think the Ebony from ClosetCasePattern comes quite close, but it doesn’t have the V in the back, and the sleeve does seem quite narrow.

The fabric I used is this luxurious organic knit, called NickiCord from Hamburger Liebe/Albstoffe, made with 90% GOTS-organic cotton and 10% recycled ocean-polution elasthan. This is such a dream to wear! Super soft and cozy! If you can find this fabric, I really recommend buying this if you have knit projects planned!

As this is a knit corduroy fabric and the pattern is cut on the bias, which gives the dress it’s wonderful drape, the stripes do run diagonally over my body. I had my doubts about this, and I would have been devastated if it hadn’t worked out, but it did, I love the effect!

To avoid the dress curling around my body, the front and back are cut in the opposite direction, as you can see on the side seam. If you cut both pieces in the same direction, the fabric would twist in one direction around the body.

The sleeves are not the original sleeves of the pattern as those are sooooo narrow! I took the sleeve of the Silia-dress, another La Maison Victor pattern, and measured the sleeve head and the arm hole on both, and no alterations were necessary, the sleeve fits perfectly!

As I usually do when sewing with knits, all seams were first stitched on my regular machine with a stretch stitch and seam allowances were finished on my serger. The neckline is finished with woven bias-tape and stitched in place with the invisible hem-stitch on my machine. The bottom and sleeve hems were also done with the (stretch) invisible stitch on my machine.

Sewing this dress is basically like sewing a T-shirt, so it’s super fast and easy! I’ve worn this dress in summer time (although it is a bit short and the skirt does flare everywhere…) but I think I like it better in wintertime with some coloured stockings for contrast and my favourite ankle boots.


I will most likely make this dress again, although it will be hard to beat this one as this fabric is soooooo good!

Other Swing dresses can be found on Instagram with #swinglmv .

PatternLa Maison Victor – Swing Dress
La Maison Victor – Silla Dress for the sleeves
FabricNicki Cord by Hamburger Liebe/Albstoffe
NotionsBias tape

Next on my To Blog-list is my second project from the Named Sewing Book!

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2 Thoughts

  1. I love this dress Wendy!!! And all the details…
    Nunca pensé en la importancia del sentido del corte al bies en la tela… Y nunca he usado la puntada invisible de mi máquina!!! Voy a tener que probarla, porque el cuello te ha quedado impecable!


    1. Hola Sara, lo que se aprende con los años 😉 La puntada invisible a máquina es una pasada! Va súper rápido y además es más seguro que a mano! XX


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