Studio Costura – Daily Tote

This post was originally published January 2019 on my store blog. This is a re-publish of that post.

I have been sewing for about 15 years now, and I can count on one hand the times I have made something for my mother… One of those things was a kitchen apron, and I’m not sure that should count.

When I was on the Nos gusta coser podcast, Mary and I talked about this, and ever since I felt like it was about time that I made my mother a nice present.

I found the perfect New Year’s gift in the Studio Costura Daily Tote.


  • The pattern comes in 2 version, one basic version without lining and without pockets, and a more complicated version with a lining, an interior pocket and a zipper closure.
  • Both versions have a square base, giving shape to the bag.
  • I made an intermediate version, with lining and zipper, but without the interior pocket.
  • The instructions are very elaborate and complete.
  • I used quilting cotton, sewable cork, a metallic zipper and cotton webbing
  • There is a tutorial for adding exterior pockets to the Daily Tote.

The star of my Daily Tote is, without a doubt, the embroidered Frida. Last year I was playing around with a test version of embroidery software for my machine, based on a design by Mary from . If you would like to have this embroidery file, send me an email, and I will be happy to send it your way!

I had all the necessary fabrics in my stash, including a piece of gold-patterned cork fabric, that I had lying around for some time and that finally found it’s destination!

Like I said earlier, I opted for the version with the zipper. I think it looks more refined, and having omitted the interior pockets, it adds a little security.

Although the pattern is aimed at beginner sewists, I really enjoyed making the Daily Tote, above all because there was no thinking required on my part. All measurements and details are thought out, so it’s just following instructions and that’s it!

Will this get used?

I don’t know if my mother often uses her Tote Bag, but she did bring it with her when my parents came to visit last summer.

I made my sister another embroidered Daily Tote for her birthday, and I know she uses it fairly often.

With the embroidered detail it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind, and I loved making this! I consider this project a succes!

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