French Navy Patterns – Calyer Pants

This post was originally published April 2019 on my store blog. This is a re-publish of that post.


I haven’t been here in quite a while to show another one of my Me-Mades…
It’s not that I haven’t been sewing, there just hasn’t been time to get decent pictures…

These pants were made because I really wanted to use this fabric!

As usual, I turned to Instagram for pattern inspiration, and so I decided on the Calyer Pants by French Navy Patterns.


  • These are simple trousers with slim legs, pockets, with or without pleats in the front and an elastic waist. No buttons, no zippers…
  • Fabric is viscose twill by MeetMilk in Maroon
  • I made a size large, according to my measurements, opting for the pleated version. I didn’t make any alterations to the length, opting for the slightly cropped look. The pattern comes with clear markings on where to lengthen or shorten the legs.
  • The only thing I struggle with, is the length of the elastic. There are no specifics in the instruction about how much elastic you need per size, so it’s basically guessing and trying until you get it right.

I definitely love the result! The fabric has a lot of drape, which gives the pleats and the gathers in the back some nice movement.

I mainly chose the Maroon colour because I have a lot of stuff in my closet that I don’t know how to combine, and this colour goes great with a lot of those lonely pieces. So far I have combined these pants with this mustard coloured blouse, with the same blouse in a green fabric, with a navy blue top and with a pink sweater…

The blouse in these pictures, is my 3rd version of the Venue Blouse from La Maison Victor, and I am quite sure that there will be more to follow.
This pattern was included in the very, very first edition of the magazine, and was -so far- never released as a separate digital pattern, so it is basically a collector’s item!
You can read about my second version here, the first version remains undocumented…

I feel like for spring and autumn, this length is just a bit shy of just right, but when it gets warmer, it does look great with a pair of sandals…

Will I wear this?

I have had these pants for about 6 months now, and these get worn a lot! The colour is great to combine, so almost anything in my closet is eligible. And these pants are really comfortable and breathable, which is always a winner in my book!

Other amazing versions of the Calyer Pants can be found on Instagram, using #thecalyerpants.

Thanks for stopping by!

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